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Fetishbucks has the best converting niche sites on the web and now we'll pay you $35.00 per join! This isn't per active membership, it's not $20.00 this month and $15.00 next month, it's a flat $35.00 payout for each and every member you can send; no gimmicks, no tricks. Our niche sites make it easy and trials convert even TGP traffic easily and profitably!

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Fetishbucks is the best partner program for adult webmasters because we don't make money unless YOU make money! When your surfer signs up, you get 60% of the initial membership fee AND 60% of the recurring fees for as long as they remain a member. You'll be receiving payments for signups months, even years after the surfer initially purchases a membership.

Money Making Sales Tools

We give you a wide assortment of tools to entice your surfers, everything from full page ads to tube clips to trailers to eye-catching flash banners. Even better, if there's something you need all you have to do is let us know and we'll put our team to work to give you exactly what you want and need to close the deal!

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Custom Content Reality Sites


The OG interracial site. 15 years worth of member submitted amateur content plus our custom video combine for a site with excellent conversion and OUTSTANDING retention. If you know the interracial niche at all, then you already know about the Dark Cavern, and so do your surfers.


Adultery sells! The cuckold niche has always been one of the most lucrative areas of the adult market,and you can get your share by promoting cuckolds.com. We are the EXPERTS at cuckoldry content, and our expertise means more money for your traffic.


We are the ONLY program to explore this extremely hot and profitable fetish. Cuckolds LOVE this fantasy and you can only get it here. The ultimate in evil slutty housewives equals the ultimate in conversion ratios for YOU in this totally new, totally original niche content.


The most premium domain in the interracial niche and the most premium original content! We keep it simple. We know what your surfer wants: Little white wives and BIG BLACK COCKS. We provide all the marketing material you need to keep your surfers clicking to your join page.

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About Us

FETISHBUCKS has been active as a referral program since 1997, and has previous incarnations dating back to early 1996. We are here for the long haul and RECURRING income, NOT the fast buck, NOT here today gone tomorrow.

Why Fetish Bucks?

We've watched many programs rise and fall, and it is our opinion that the best way to stay in business and continue thriving is to be honest with the webmasters AND the surfers and deliver exactly what we promise. So far this philosophy has served us well.

News and Events

07/22 - What's up with Fetishbucks! The new backend for darkcavern.com is pretty much finished, it is now a full-fledged interracial social networking site. A new design is coming in for the site very soon. Callyourhusband.com is going to be the next site up, along with tons of brand new, never before seen content to use as promo material for this site. We are very excited about this niche, and hope you will like it too.

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Streaming Video

ALL the content you need for ANY kind of site! Extreme Feeds is your one stop xxx video shop.

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